Not All Who Wander From California Get Found In Oregon 

How did an Oregon tradition change the life of a native Californian and provide lifelong inspiration? Tune up and join in as we hear from two longtime Oregonians, both originally from California. Now partnered, the duo continue the tradition of hosting potluck style jams and share a passion for fiddle music with any who would have it. Did I mention Jeff’s great Uncle was Missouri fiddle legend, Fiddlin’ Bob Walter? Texas and Oklahoma fiddlers are also influences of this pair.

 Jeff & Eileen want to encourage you to check out your local fiddle association and get involved. Here are two: Oregon Old Time Fiddlers, Washington Old Time Fiddlers


Official List of Tunes (in order of appearance): 

Wild John 

16 Days to Georgia 

River Road Two-Step 

Maynard’s Rag 

Florida Blues 


Don’t Let That Deal Go Down 

Smith’s Rag 

Secret Waltz

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