West Coast Fiddlin’: Compact Disc (only 30 made)
  • West Coast Fiddlin’: Compact Disc (only 30 made)
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Created during COVID, this is a homemade field recording style approach. Each tune was recorded in 1 or 2 takes, live in my home in one evening. The songs include some old songs I learned from my family and some I made up. There are 11 tunes total. Typically, I don’t play fiddle, but this has helped me pass the time during this unprecedented world pandemic. There are 30 of these available and will be available first come, first serve. Maybe it will inspire you to pick up a fiddle or learn a new tune, or it can be used as a frisbee.

Track Listing: woody’s hornpipe polk county breakdown boston town ne jarrett street (john & annie’s) lowry’s quadrille green pear drag grandpa’s favorite forked deer my ozark mountain home the reel avocado whompin’ on the g string

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